Pesta Rapsodi Keroncong

Asterik Anak Seni Production

Dec 9, 2023
- Dec 9, 2023
10:00 am

Kuala Lumpur



A one-day Keroncong Music Festival that will celebrate the rich cultural heritage of this traditional music genre. The festival will feature performances by Orkes Keroncong Arif Lukisan also known as OKAL and various keroncong bands and musicians, as well as food and craft vendors that showcase and Malay culture. The festival will have a theme of "Simfoni dalam Tradisi" - a celebration of Keroncong and how the music assimilates in Malaysia to be known as Keroncong Melayu.


Asterik Anak Seni Production

Asterik Anak Seni Production, widely known as Asterik, is a passionate production company deeply committed to theater, arts, and event management. Since its establishment in 2016, Asterik has consistently provided top-notch services to its clients and collaborators. This success is attributed to the team's experienced professionals from various fields, including arts and event management.

Asterik has earned recognition in the industry, receiving nominations for the 18th BOH Cameronian Awards in categories such as Best Set Design and Best Music Design. Additionally, they achieved the Runner-Up position at the Festival Teater Kuala Lumpur 2019, securing accolades for Best Directors, Best Scenographer, Best Supporting Male Actor, and Best Supporting Female Actor.

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