OtherHalf Studio

Dec 1, 2023

7th floor, Gurney Plaza Mall​

George Town
Pulau Pinang


Visual Arts

OH!Calm is an immersive sight and sound installation that invites you to step into a world of tranquility and stillness. A space with surreal and gentle moving imageries with delicate traditional music instruments (sape', chinese gu zheng and gamelan) and nature soundscape to gently caress the ears, transporting audiences to a place of calmness. Materials to be used consist of up-cycled plastic rods or draped fabric that forms an organic shaped wall suspended in mid-air across the space. Light is then projected onto the wall, while the materials of the wall softly dance and flow with the air - it is a visual symphony of movement and light in a space that echoes the soft murmurs of nature sounds.


OtherHalf Studio

OtherHalf Studio is a partnership between two uniquely different artists: Arty, who works as a designer in Singapore with international branding and advertising agencies, and Sumay, a brand consultant by day and photographer by night. OtherHalf is renowned for their immersive art experiences. The concept of immersive art therapy was conceived by OtherHalf to transport their audience to a space where one can truly enjoy and appreciate art single-mindedly, free from the distractions of the outside world. It offers a multi-sensory art experience like no other.

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