Reviving Disappearing Food Culture through Artistic and Cultural Dialogue

JinnD Productions

Dec 9, 2023
- Dec 10, 2023
8:00 pm

Papan House

Petaling Jaya

Public Event

Visual Arts

Expanding on the previous project on preserving traditional jobs and skills that are on the verge of disappearing in Butterworth, a city undergoing rapid development projects that threaten local trades and artisans, we're now expanding our focus to include to almost disappearing food culture. Malaysia has a rich heritage of food culture, but limited cross-communication between communities. We aim to bridge this gap and promote dialogue through our research project, which seeks to develop a sustainable exchange that fosters a sense of appreciation and belongingness among different ethnic groups as well as the immigrants and refugees in Malaysia. Through this project, we hope to revive disappearing food culture and promote artistic and cultural dialogue between communities and immigration in Malaysia. To conclude the project, we will hold a sharing in December at Papan Haus.

The project aims to preserve disappearing food culture in Malaysia by promoting artistic and cultural dialogue. It involves conducting workshops that bring together local cooks and artists to collaborate and produce artworks inspired by local food culture. The artworks will be showcased at an exhibition to promote cultural dialogue and raise awareness about disappearing food culture. The project will also feature talks, cooking demonstrations, and community engagement activities.


JinnD Productions

JinnD Productions is a dynamic dance platform that fosters cross-art collaborations and provides art education for young creators. Founded by an experienced cross-cultural collaborator, the platform has successfully executed inter-cultural projects like "Where Two Seas Meet" and "Your Memories, Our Identity." JinnD Productions also collaborates with refugees through the Anjez Art Project, offering art education and artisan skill development programs.

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