Walimatulurus – Community Theatre Comes To KL

Projek Suatukala Sdn Bhd

Dec 15, 2023
- Dec 16, 2023

Kuala Lumpur



For 2023, Suatukala want to boost the level of engagement this year and bring the island village theatre model to the large metropolis and its audience. Suatukala's purpose is to re-stage Walimatulurus as an original Langkawi production. An additional musical piece to offer diversity and introduce more current story-telling components into the storyline, as well as increase the immersive parts of the show to include more cultural elements related with traditional Malay wedding preparations.


Projek Suatukala Sdn Bhd

SUATUKALA is a community initiative based in Langkawi with the primary goal of promoting storytelling in all its forms. Established in 2015, our core communities include school children and young artists living in Langkawi, Kedah. SUATUKALA's mission is to inspire self-expression, foster critical thinking, and nurture artistic talent within these communities. We also actively engage arts practitioners from Kuala Lumpur to share their expertise, collaborate on new projects with local communities, and extend the reach of our work beyond the shores of Langkawi.

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