Perak National Chinese Orchestra Festival 2023

Pertubuhan Kebudayaan dan Orkestra Cina Ipoh

Dec 19, 2023
- Dec 23, 2023
8:00 am

Auditorium RTM Perak


Public Event


Perak National Chinese Orchestra Festival is not just a humorous cultural activity, it is also a charity event from us where we will only charged participants at half of its original camp registration fee; for the rest figure, we strive our best to look for donations, sponsorships and help from Community, NGOs, Government and Corporations. This move is to allow more young talents able to join this event without monetary constraints. Furthermore, this festival was initially established as a state event, then it transitioned into a nationwide festival starting in 2022. This festival include Chinese Orchestra competition, camp and concert.


Pertubuhan Kebudayaan dan Orkestra Cina Ipoh

This organization was officially registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia on July 25, 2016, following a period of active involvement in Chinese cultural and orchestral activities under the name of Pertubuhan Kebudayaan dan Orkestra Cina Ipoh. As of today, the association boasts 80 registered members, with the majority actively participating and a significant number being underage, aspiring to become official members of the NGO.

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