HANDS Percussion

Nov 30, 2023
- Dec 3, 2023


Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur



For the first time, our professional percussionists will be performing with students from the Little Yellow Flower Foundation, the Hands Percussion Academy (HPA) as well as with former students now professional performers, DeafBeat. Taught by our professionals this is a platform on which the 24 Festive Drum and gamelan skills learnt can be showcased. From reworking a classical Beethoven piece on the gamelan, using the Japanese Taiko drums as a center piece, composing a piece for the West African djembe and other musical pieces we are so excited to see our students and friends synergize with us on stage.


HANDS Percussion

HANDS Percussion embarked on a musical journey despite the challenges of being a self-funded group. Today, they have become a crowd favorite at local performing arts venues, steadily building a reputation both locally and internationally. Their success is attributed to a mechanism that demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility, discipline, self-motivation, and passion.

HANDS Percussion's creative journey is a constant roller coaster ride. It began with their trademark 24 Festive Drums style, characterised by explosive and loud traditional drumming. Over time, they have ventured into various styles, instruments, and technology, all while creating multidisciplinary productions.

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