Revitalising the Rhythms of Kompang Teruntung and Hadaro in Sabak Bernam

Pusat Budaya Pusaka Sdn Bhd

Sep 12, 2023
- Sep 12, 2023
8:30 pm

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur



PUSAKA's project, Revitalising the Rhythms of Kompang Teruntung and Hadaro in Sabak Bernam, aims to revitalise and enhance the sustainability of the authentic Kompang Jawa (Teruntung and Hadaro) traditions, older forms of Kompang that are becoming increasingly rare in Malaysia. Collaborating with esteemed local custodians of Kompang Teruntung and Hadaro to conduct training workshops in the local community, the project will encourage the transmission of these traditions to the next generation. The project will address serious challenges of cultural heritage loss faced by the community of Kompang Teruntung and Hadaro masters and practitioners in Sabak Bernam, Selangor.


Pusat Budaya Pusaka Sdn Bhd

PUSAKA has over 20 years of experience in revitalising and documenting intangible cultural heritage. The organisation has worked closely with masters of traditional culture at the community level throughout Malaysia.

PUSAKA was formally established by Eddin in 2002 at the request of traditional masters in Kelantan, including the late Abdullah Ibrahim, a renowned Wayang Kulit master puppeteer affectionately known as Tok Dalang Dollah Baju Merah (Dollah of the Red Shirt); the late Che Ning, a celebrated Mak Yong prima donna; the late Pak Eh Chom, a legendary Manora master; and the late Daud Bukit Abal, regarded as the godfather of Dikir Barat, among others. The deep art, knowledge, and sensibility of these masters initially inspired PUSAKA’s vision and continue to influence all of our work. At the core of PUSAKA’s work are explorations and inquiries into the nature of culture and human nature, encompassing semangat, angin, spirit, temperament, and the essential self.

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